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Hello. Welcome to my tiny little corner of the internet. Thanks for checking out my work. I'm hoping it spoke to you on some level and that you honestly like it.

Now onto the awkward and weird part where I tell you a little bit about myself. 

I am wife to a truly wonderful guy and the mother of three wild, crazy and oh so sweet little boys. They have a way of driving my whole world completely nuts, but making me love every second of it at the same time. Kids seem to have a talent for doing that.

While I've always had an appreciation for photography it wasn't until after my oldest son was born that I fell madly in love with it. We had his pictures taken by a very talented local photographer and she captured his sweetness, his silliness and everything else about him that I love so dearly so perfectly that I became obsessed with capturing all of that myself. 

I want to freeze those everyday moments ... the ones that go by so stinking fast. I work diligently (maybe even a little desperately) to capture my boys as often as I can. The sweet smiles, the grumpy face when they see my camera aimed in their direction. The way the giggle together ... ok, more like the way they fight together. I want to catch all of it. So I can look back on it fondly and always feel what it felt at that exact moment in their lives.

And now I want to capture those moments for you. The goofy candid shots. The loving cuddles. The eye rolls. All of it! True connection and true love that you will hopefully cherish for all time.

Credit for the photo above goes to the lovely Nicole Tufford from Nicole Charm Photography. I'm not ashamed to admit that while I have the patience for capturing your moments. I absolutely dread trying to capture my own family moments with me in them!!!

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